Accompanying organizations

Communication and private fundraising

The critical economic situation we are currently going through affects directly to the non-profit organizations making them vulnerable and making it more difficult to access financial resources to carry out their tasks.

It is important to diversify funding sources, as well as to improve communication channels, providing visibility and relevance to tge organization so that they can develop better in the new social context. 

Private funds allow, on one hand, not to be so dependent on public funding and, on the other hand, to finance the organizations structure. It is therefore important to achieve good results in attracting private funds. In order to achieve this aim, Avalon offer two services: 

To attract private funds Service

All organizations need financial resources to enable them to carry out with their mission. Today, more than ever, it is essential to have a good planning on fundraising as well as an effective and efficient execution of it in order to get the most return with the least investment.


To help organizations to define, promote and manage fundraising, Avalon offers this service which will support the work of the organizations financially wise. For this purpose, you will find: 

• The development of a comprehensive fundraising strategy to build loyalty with the donors. 

• Accompanying the organizations' fundraising area. 

• Designing specific campaigns to increase the economic resources of the organization. 

• Producing the needed materials to run the fundraising: company files, recruitment brochures, web sites, etc.. 

• Adviceing the fundraising department.


External communication Services

Closely tied to fundraising is communication. A good communication strategy, transparent in explaining what it does and how it does it with the different targets of the organization strengthens fundraising.
Being able to know how to explain properly what the organization does, how it does it and why it does it allows the organization to sensitize the environment, increase their awareness and encourage people and companies to collaborate with them.

To help the organization define and manage the media, we offer:

• Internal and external communication strategy design for the organization.

• Accompanying the organizations' communication area.

• Producing materials: brochures, annual reports, magazines, websites, etc..

• Press Office Services.
• Online presence Management: website, social networks, blogs, etc..

• Adviceing the communication department.

For both services, you can make an appointment to meet with us and set your needs. This way we can develop a fully customized budget adapted to the organization's needs.