Our task is carried out with the participation of various groups and individuals divided into a first and second level of involvement.

The first level of involvement, there are all the staff that facilitates daily work of Avalon:

On the one hand, there is the Board that is constituted by three volunteers who meet regularly and coordinate with the Technical Team.

The Task Force, for its part, is what initiated and carried out projects and services every day. This team consists of three techniques under the supervision of a general coordinator. Each of these techniques is in charge of the coordination of one of the work areas and track multiple projects and services of the organization. Weekly, the team meets to define and evaluate the performance tasks planned.

We also have the support of external advisors and consultants expert in several areas of the Third Sector and volunteers who support us in communication and management tasks of daily and / or specific. In addition, we also regularly receive documents, announcements and articles of interest ... associations that are sent to collaborators and us to supply information spaces as or Interactive Reports.

Finally, we have a range of professional experts in various fields related to the management of associations that provide training courses and support us in advisory services.

In addition to coordinating all the actors also seek to network with organizations, movements and governments related to our project, in order to generate collaboration and exchanges. Thus, the second level of involvement would find all entities that make use of our offers advice, training and reflection, as well as those that support us and you can see listed in the following sections. Partners, collaborators Administration, and other collaborators.