and TRAC

Conflict is the opportunity and engine of change and human development.

The acronym TRAC refers to “transformation and appropriate resolution of conflicts”. We understand the "conflict transformation", according to John Paul Lederach, as a technique that emphasizes the processes of change. The change requires viewing the conflict at two levels: the content and relational levels. The conflict transformation focuses on seeking creative solutions to the visible content as well as it deals deeply with the relational context, generating changes, and always taking into account that the major resources for change arise from the same context and the people who interact in it. This way, it avoids superficial solutions, accompanying the people involved to go through the process of change that takes the conflict dynamic to another level.

This process can be achieved through different methods, being the Mediation one of them, which is a process of communication between the conflicting parties with the help of a third person who does not take part; The mediator.

Specifically, organizational mediation seeks a "new way of living personal relationships in organizational settings”, including the needs of both workers and customers/users, making the construction of peaceful spaces for dialogue easier, a better work performance, a decrease of the costs related to conflicts and an improvement on the satisfaction of all the people who work and interact. 

Organizational conflicts, because of the complex characteristics of the organizations, use a systemic approach, developing strategies aimed at the "micro and macro conflict management "(Farré, 2004 Novel 2010). 

Excerpt from the White Paper on Mediation in Catalonia 2010