Guidance Service

This service is offered in two modalities: face to face or electronically. It aims to give and answer to the various demands arising from the Non-profit Sector within the work, tax, accounting, legal and organizational fields. Up to this day, this initiative has contributed to set up and strengthen many Catalan organizations.

The face-to-face guidance is offered all mornings from Monday to Friday and have a cost of 20€ per session.

There is also a second modality where you pay a monthly fee of 50€ in order to get an accompanying and guidance service and to consult any arising demands and needs.

Guidance and Counseling for FEDERATIONS

We offer the chance to any Federation to make available to your federated organizations the following services:

• Our guidance and Counseling services so as to enable the organizations to consult and formulate queries in relation to legal, accounting, tax, work issues as well as project management and fundraising issues.

• Our training activities designed according to your organizations needs and characteristics so as to strengthen their knowledge and their management.