18 May 2020
APS culture of peace. We adapt to the new moment.

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During the 2019-2020 school year, we have had the great opportunity of promoting two Service Learning projects (APS) in two different educational centers; "Marenostrum" school and "Los Porches" school. The main reason why, from AVALON and Med, we are in favor of creating and developing projects of this type, is because we value the transformative and connecting essence that it produces for students. And it is that, like J. M. Puig et. to the. (2006) exposes, they are an "educational proposal that combines learning processes and community service in a single well-articulated project in which the participants are trained working on real needs of the environment with the aim of improving it.
So, given the great opportunity we had to be able to connect students with social reality and society with educational centers and in this way, learn experientially to be part of a community, generating new learning and responding to a social need, we decided start two APS. Both projects have the general objective of → Incorporating a culture of peace in the educational environment that can be transferred to the social environment, generating a vision of conflict where everyone plays a role in both their management and their transformation. In relation to the social transformation that we hoped to achieve when creating it and that we continue to hope to achieve, is that the two schools incorporate a new vision of conflict management that can contribute to improving coexistence at school and do so from learning, joint reflection and that boys and girls are the promoters of these changes.
The main reason why, previously, I have detailed that "we are still hoping to achieve" the social transformation of both PHC projects, is due to the reversal that we are currently experiencing.
A reversal started by the Covidien-19 virus that affects us with more or less intensity at all levels and areas of our lives. From Medioam and Avalon we are living in our houses, the period of confinement as best as possible thanks to the care we are giving each other through calls, video calls and messages of esteem, empathy, active listening, patience and of support among all. Another of the triggers that has made and makes this period of time more welcoming, emotionally speaking, has been the change of view that we have made in the face of this situation, as an opportunity for positive transformation and individual and collective improvement, instead of live it as a period of oppression.
Why have we made this change of view ?, for two reasons:

Mental and emotional health
Mediam and Avalon are non-profit organizations that stand out for having a multidisciplinary team that works in a network in order to bring mediation and the culture of peace closer to society as a positive way of transforming the world. In this way, when working as a team, each of us needs each other and we feed back. So, if what we introduce ourselves to feed ourselves is harmful, the result will also be harmful. It is for this reason that, personally and professionally, we carry out a series of actions to improve our mental and emotional health so that the remains of people also have it.
These actions are:
Be aware of our feelings and needs.
Express feelings and needs through Nonviolent Communication.
Manage stress through introspection; meditation and conscious breathing.
Find the balance between work, leisure and rest.
Taking care of physical health by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and sleeping 8 hours a day.
Connect positively with the people around us.
Finding purpose, its meanings and focusing on these; What is important and necessary for us? That is, spending time doing what is meaningful to us as long as it does not harm the rest.
We are currently developing two Service Learning projects; one at the "Marenostrum" educational center and the other at "Los Porches" and we have been forced to adapt our work methodology, since the educational centers remain closed until possibly September.
Therefore, since we cannot make our proposals in person and directly with the students, we have adapted the interventions in two ways:
Tying the common theme of both projects; Culture of peace, the two centers have accepted our proposal. This consists of:
From Mediam and Avalon we have developed a series of challenges or proposals for children to do at home. Every week we propose actions so that they continue to be our ambassadors for peace, every Monday they receive a video with a proposal and they return it to us throughout the week.
So, all the students who have recorded, photographed or written their challenge, we ask you to send the work done in our email so that we can collect and know what your creative proposals have been! Being aware that not all families have at their disposal the material and temporary resources necessary to access and carry it out - since these challenges can be carried out as a family - we have specified that the proposal to be made is not mandatory.
Some examples of proposed challenges are:
Challenge I → Motivation
Create a dance with the song by Estopa and Rozalen - "Vivir" and make a video of it. So, they have to answer two questions: "What did you like best about the song? Why?" And "How did you feel doing this challenge? Why?"
Challenge II → Thanks
Make a series of thank you letters using cardboard or a sheet of paper and with a pencil and a ruler make rectangles or squares and cut them out. In each of them, they must draw or write the action that they are happy and happy to be able to do during these days of confinement. With these letters, they have the option of sharing them and knowing what letters each and one of the people who live with them have made.
And every week we receive proposals from the children and we send new challenges to put the focus of attention on all those things that help us generate a climate of peace and tranquility in our homes.
Being aware that this moment is creating difficulties in maintaining the functioning of schools, we wanted to provide well-being for each of the teams of teachers, teachers and the management to take care of them and that the return in September may be more beneficial . This proposal consists of facilitating a weekly or biweekly virtual space with all the teachers where they will address a wide range of topics and then collect the concerns and needs of each and one of them to be able to build them as a team.
The proposed topics are:
"How am I experiencing confinement?" What tools help me to manage it emotionally? "
"What difficulties and challenges do we have professionally in this confinement"? (Telecommuting, technology ...)
"How to positively manage family and work concerns and conflicts?"
"How do we give and can we support each other?"
"How can I emotionally accompany children in a virtual way in this new stage?"
Thus, in the face of the unexpected scenario that has been presented to us, from Medioam and Avalon we have thought that these two proposals are the most appropriate in relation to the current needs and possibilities of schools and our organization. We try, in the best possible way, to continue offering our grain of help and care to each of the schools.