16 November 2018
Avalon continues to sensitize in cooperative, social and solidarity economy in the School Centers

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During the first term of the 2017/2018 academic year, we have been working on the project "Youth and critical thinking: Reflection and construction in the classrooms of alternative economic models" with the students of first of Bachillerato de la Escuela López Vicuña.


Together with the cooperative Enso, we have contextualized the social and solidarity Economy, putting the focus of attention on cooperativism.


Next, by the hand of Coopolis and the cooperative Reflejos del alumnado, he has carried out a workshop called Instacoop on how to create a cooperative. This workshop, which consists of 3 sessions, has served to inform students how to create a cooperative and the multiple elements to take into account. The participatory dynamics presented have greatly encouraged students.


To accompany the learning of these concepts, the students have had access to the online platform of Avalon on alternative economic models, from where you can see explanatory videos, download documents, use of complementary bibliography and assess their knowledge through reflection exercises.


The cooperative, social and solidary economy is extended by the schools with samples of interest on the part of the students.