29 October 2018
Closing session of the ESDIS project and the SUYSE project

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On Wednesday, October 24th we celebrated the conclusion of two projects on social entrepreneurship in which we were working (ESDIS and SUYSE)


The Conference took place at the Auditorium of the Nou Barris Technology Park (Bcn Activa).

The conference, inspite of being especially aimed at young people and those over 45 years old  and  unemployed, was open to the general public.

We could enjoy the institutional presentation (Bcn Activa) by Ernest Pons Rojas; the experience and expertise of Guernica Facundo Vericat, the practical experiences that participated throughout the projects (Ca la Rosa and Klem Reciclatge), and the presentation of the implementation of one of these projects in several European countries (Scotland , Bulgaria and Italy).

The people attending the conference were very receptive and they valued very positively the course of the day.

We appreciate the collaboration of Barcelona Activa and the European Union (Erasmus +) to provide us with the necessary resources for the execution of this project.

For more information, you can consult the program of the day on the respective websites of the two projects:

ESDIS Project: Sensitization applied to social entrepreneurship


SUYSE Project: Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship