15 June 2019
Closure of the APS project - FROM PATIO IN THE WORLD to the Vila Olímpica School

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This is the second year we are working with the Vila Olímpica school, the APS - Del Pati al Mundo project. In this second year, our work began with a patio dream by the 6th students, to be able to build it together with teachers, monitors and families. Patio work has been the driving force that has allowed us to address all these spaces to interrelate ourselves, share concerns, unify goals and take care of ourselves, because when we are talking about a more emotional language we are building spaces of peace.

It has been a very enriching process, where we have all been giving shape to the requests of the dwarves and where they themselves have been able to feel part of the process, and their voice has been heard. His proposals have been worked out from three key elements: harmony, conflicts and movement.
The process continues to advance, since the Vila Olímpica School has been chosen in the climate refugee project in Barcelona, ​​and part of its implementation will take place in the patios and thus the work developed to date will be collected and expanded with more resources.
In the latter, we have closed the project and we have said goodbye to the nanos thanking them for their participation in order to make possible a new space, where we can all find our place.
The project has been supported by Avalon and Mediam and the Vila Olimpica school, which has been actively involved.