22 September 2019
The culture of peace at school. APS at Els Porxos school.

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Avalon is committed to managing and resolving conflicts through mediation, non-violent communication and restorative practices. It is for this reason that, with the help of the Medioam association, Avalon, the "Los Porches" School Center and with the support of the Barcelona City Council #BCNJusticiaGlobal, it has been decided to promote a culture of peace from a local dimension; school, family and environment and a global and international, in all areas where conflicts occur.
This is how the Service Learning Project (APS) was born; Conflict management. Promoting the culture of peace within the classrooms. An educational project that lasts for a year with the aim that students become agents of social transformation and awareness from an experiential learning and the foundation of critical thinking. To achieve this, Medioam and Avalon aims to provide students, teachers and instructors with the necessary tools to manage and resolve conflicts that occur in the classroom or at the School Center.
This October, we have had the opportunity to start the PHC project in the 3rd and 4th grades of primary, together with the respective tutors; Estrella and Isabel at Los PORCHES school.
The first sessions are serving to introduce ourselves, to know the group dynamics and the boys and girls. In addition to discovering and talking about feelings through the dynamic "Meeting of friends" and discovering, from the "cloud of questions", what questions are asked in relation to violence and Peace, and then, in the next sessions, create a theoretical and practical research paper to accommodate all the answers.
"Why is peace constantly increasing and disappearing?"
"Can violence be stopped?
"Peace is just peace?"
"If violence did not exist, what would happen?"
Finally, it is worth mentioning the use of the restorative approach. This is one of the key elements that allow us to establish a close relationship, giving voice to all the words through the word piece that has been decided to use.
One of the things we like the most is to be able to work with children beyond our initial proposal, adapting to what they need and who is alive at the time. Doing it this way is enriching for us and also for them, since listening to what the group needs is a very powerful way of showing them respect as individuals and as a group.
Working in the classroom is for us a great opportunity to grow and rethink many things, the children's gaze helps us to be able to make a new construction of certain terms from their perspective.