Accompanying organizations

Preparation and project management

In the current context of structural crisis, the non-profit organizations needs have been transformed.  One of them is the increasingly need/demand to outsource some of the tasks involved in the project management..

According to this new reality, Avalon offers two new types of services to the organizations. 

These two services are as follows:
1. Elaboration and project management (further information below)
2. Accompanying organizations (further information below)

A wide range of professionals from different disciplines, who are experts in non-profit organizations management, will work with the aim to make easier and accelerate certain tasks from the organization.

1. Elaboration and project management


Avalon puts at the organization's disposal a team of experts in the different phases of the project's cycle management. These experts are in charge, in coordination with the organization, of:

- Elaborating the project
- Searching for public and private calls for proposals
- Presenting the project's proposal to different funding organisms/organizations
- Elaborating the technical and economic justification from the project that has received the grant
- Evaluation of the project who has received the grant
- Searching for European partners


2. Acompanying organizations


We put at the organizations disposal the  Accompaniment Service where organizations have available a team of experts who will guide them in those aspects of the organization's management  where it has more difficulties:

- Organization strategic planning
- Records where to register
- Searching for public and private calls for proposals
- Management of the project cycle
- Participative management
- Preparation of annual reports
- Research of organizations/platforms with whom to network

The service aims to give support to the organizations so they can develop with the backing of a team of people who will guide them through the different phases to follow and steps to take in order to propel or to help grow the non-profit organization and its project, with the aim that such organizations become self-sufficient.

For both services, you can make an appointment in order to meet with us and set your needs so we can propose you a budget  according to the project and the organization needs.