Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship


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The lack of opportunities that young people are suffering to find a job as employees in the changing societies we live in, specially since 2008, needs urgently innovative solutions.. Youth unemployment rates are astonishing: Scotland:14.9%; Bulgaria 19.4%; Italy 37.9%; Spain 45.7% . About 400.000 Spanish young people have emigrated since the crisis started, generating brain drain.Traditional ways to recruit, train and develop employments have vanished. Nonetheless, the creation of social enterprises is emerging as an opportunity, in spite of many people still lack the skills, tools and knowledge to launch successful social enterprises.
Social enterprises are led by social entrepreneurs: they generate social value (watching for the rights and interests of the most vulnerable people; responding to ecological crisis; eradicating discrimination against certain social groups, hunger, etc). These approaches promote sustainable solutions in the short and long-term for a better society.
Objectives of the project

- To strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit among young people, specially those at social risk, to increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
- To lower the unemployment rate among young people, and therefore, contribute to their labour and social inclusion
- To empower youth by having them acquire knowledge, competences, and skills in the social entrepreneurial area
- To empower youth in soft skills such as decision making, teamwork, adaptability, social abilities, etc
- To empower society in order to promotes social cohesion; which subsequently can have an impact on the PIB
- Unemployed young people at social risk with a social project idea
- Youth with only compulsory studies or NEETS
- Handicapped youth.
- Research, co-development and validation of the innovative methodology
- Research and creation of the more suitable e-learning platform for the project
- Reserach and selection of course topics; contents development and search of materials
- Creation of Curriculums for each module
- Research on Mooc courses
- Creation of the project webpage
- Uploading course materials to the E-learning platform
- Creation of Mooc courses and uploading them in an Open Educational Resources
- Search for career advisers for the Participative work & Guidance stage
- Research and search for social start- ups where to do the intership
- Preparation of the European Social Entrepreneurship Certificate
- Training for trainers. Presentation and simulation of the course to trainers and coordinatrs to make last ammendments.
- 4 pilot social start-up trainings addressed to 80 participants (ES,BG,IT,UK)
- Creation of the “Training Guide for the creation of social start-ups”
- Preparation of International and local Conferences
- Evaluation of the whole project
- International and local Conferences
- Co-developed methodology
- 5 Developed modules
⁃ Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
⁃ Your Idea
⁃ Product Development & Project Planning
⁃ Starting up and leadership/marketing
⁃ Extralife: Business Plan Development, Business Model Canvass, Strategic forms
- E-learning Platform - to do the pilot training
- European social entrepreneurship certificates
- Training Guide for the creation of social start-ups
- Mooc Courses (uploaded in an Open Educational Resources-OER)
Project partners

This project has been funded by the European Union, under de Programme Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships


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