Non-profit organizations experiences

One of the projects initiated in 2009, and which is still going on throughout all these years, has been the start of a collection of NP-organization experiences that can be of great interest to other organizations. This has as a goal to share knowledge and to network; and with the specific purpose of finding something that links our different areas of work (Guidance, vocational training and reflection) to provide to our initiatives a comprehensive focus of attention and support to the NP-organizations.

Throughout the training courses we have had the chance to share, with a great variety of organizations (foundations, non-profit organizations, NGOs ...) their knowledge and best practices in an space specifically designed for this activity: this is called the module of practical experiences that we include in all of our courses.

In order to take advantage of the information and debates that have taken place in this space, and to make it available to as many people and organizations as possible, we have made a compilation of the most significant (one for each axis theme), we have transcribed them and we have published it in a dossier format. We will work to consolidate this project as a way to give recognition to the people and the organizations that have brought and shared their savoir faire and also to achieve an optimal networking.