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2017-2019 - AJUNTAMENT DE BARCELONA - Barcelona Solidària

This is a Learning and Service project (ApS) that has been worked on in the first year 2017-2018 at the Villa Olímpica school and in a second year at the Villa Olímpica school and the Marenostrum school with elementary students and with a close collaboration with the entity mediam
This project aims to be a step forward in the management and resolution of conflicts through mediation, nonviolent communication and restorative practices with the aim of promoting the culture of peace in all areas where conflicts arise. The project has a local dimension within the framework of the School and a global dimension, in the context of international referents from where international conflicts are analyzed and we put the focus of attention on people or events that have influenced or transformed history from the culture of peace .
Together with the Medioam, Avalon and school associations, we have designed a project aimed at Primary School students.
The student, with the acquired learning, offers us different services and speaks of the task that Avalon and Med are carrying out: Promote an alternative and non-violent way of managing and solving conflicts still little known in our country. The children have become agents of sensitization with their voice and their reflective look and proposing actions to improve and incorporate a culture of dialogue in their closest surroundings to the school and in its more local environment, the neighborhood and the city. They have been our eyes and have offered us data to analyze how they are generated and how conflicts are managed in the schools, in the neighborhood, the city, to get this data, interviews, surveys, and dialogue and observation circles have been designed and piloted for the boys and with the reflections and voices of the children we are developing a material (graphic / audiovisual) that makes this experience an example reproducible by other schools.
In both educational centers, it has worked from the perspective of rethinking the relationships and conflicts that occur in the yard, in the case of the Olympic Village center as a preliminary phase of the restructuring of the patio and in the case of Marenostrum after the restructuring from the yard.
In the classroom, with teachers, monitors and families we work on three tools that allow us to introduce a culture of dialogue within the educational community, these tools seek the connection, coexistence and facilitate the management dialogues on conflicts. we talk about
- Nonviolent communication
- Restorative practices
- mediation

Video of the project:

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With the collaboration of the work group consisting of: 
- Escola Vila olimipica
- Escola Marenostrum 
- Escola Porxos