In order to achieve the main mission of Avalon, which is to strengthen and consolidate the non-profit sector as a key mechanism for a democratic society with more social justice, we consider essential to foster critical dialogue, exchanges and a search for future proposals from stakeholders . Throughout our experience since 2001 we have gotten to know with greater depth the characteristics and complexity of the organizations, both small and large, young or with a long trajectory, and we realize that there are certain recurrent subjects and issues on which a permanent reflection should be generated while aiming to optimize our work and find synergies to avoid duplication , inefficiency and the wearing down of our organizations and the people who work in them.

As a result of this knowledge , and making use of the three areas that Avalon has at their disposal, and thanks to the ICT, specifically web support , we have created several tools which have allowed us to provide exchanges, debates, meetings, and a critical view upon several subjects, as follows:

- The internal organization of the N-P organizations. Models , structures, objectives , management mechanisms , participation ...

- The planning of actions we carry through to achieve our goals. What are we looking for and how do we want to achieve them?; what methodology are we going to use and how will we take the correct decisions?

- The development of projects. The setting-up of actions for a change that we want to carry out. The detection of problems and shortcomings , establishing working hypotheses , designing achievable and consistent activities .

- The search for funding. To get financial resources to ensure the sustainability of our projects and of our organization.

- Communication . To articulate the internal work of every person involved to the organization ( volunteers , salaried employees, users, team members , donors ... ) and the image we generate towards the society in order to achieve our goals. How do we get to communicate the value of what we offer ?

- Assessment of the impact of our actions and mechanisms of reorientation of the projects.

- Networking . Anything that involves collaborating instead of competing: to seek for mutual understanding , to coordinate , to exchange experiences and knowledge, goods and services. To optimize resources and strengthen one another .

The tools we have created in order to encourage reflection on these and other issues of interest to the organizations are Interactive Reports , Thematic Field Experiences Files and the area of non-profit sector Research.